Introduction To Kitchen Organization & Layout

This course covers organizational structure & layout, culinary staff duties & responsibilities, handling kitchen equipment, handling kitchen utensils and knives, kitchen care & maintenance, kitchen grooming, hygiene & uniform, do's and don'ts while working in the kitchen, personal behavior & hygiene

Introduction To Cookery & Methods
Basic Principles Of Food Production

This course covers aims & objectives, types of cooking methods, culinary history, professional cookery

This course covers chopping vegetables; dry heat cooking methods - baking, grilling, steaming, roasting; moist heat cooking methods - stewing, boiling, frying, barbequing, basting

Cooking Methods

This course covers the preparation of stocks, soups, mother sauces & sauces, salads & dressing, sandwichs, pasta with sauce

Elements of Preparation

This course covers techniques involving the prepartion of eggs, meats, seafood, poultry and desserts

This course covers refrigeration of food and the principles of storage including the correct temperature and duration for storage

Methods of Storage
Cycle of Control & Food Costing

This course covers purchasing, receiving, storing, issuing stores and stock control, inventory control, objectives of food costing, checks & checking system, analyzing costs, quality & quantity control, yield analysis

This course covers kitchen planning, maintenance, food & beverage service area, culinary terms

Kitchen Management

Assessments & Reports

6 months in the hospitality sector

Theory and Practical
Industry Exposure

Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking - Culinary Arts (International)

For Indian Nationals: Rs. 2,85,000 INR* + GST (fee includes uniform and study material)

*Fees are subjected to change. Kindly contact the office for more details.

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