Introductory Class




Introductory Class




Introductory Class




Introductory Class

Shortcrust Pastry


Introductory Class

Choux Pastry


Introductory Class

Laminated Pastry


High Tea

Introductory Class

Hot Desserts



Cold and Frozen Desserts, Plated Desserts

Sponges and Gateaux


Food Hygiene and Safety at Work

Chocolate Workshop

Cake Decoration

Theory Assessment

Theory Assessment

Theory Assessment

Practical Assessment



Equipment Identification and Raw Materials


Theory on Biscuits and Cookies - Techniques and Methods

8 Varieties - Drop cookies, bar cookies, molded cookies, stencil cookies, refrigerator cookies, meringue cookies


Theory on Cakes and Sponges - Techniques, Methods, Classification

Cupcakes - 2 Varieties, Muffins - 2 Varieties, Loaf cakes - 3 Varieties, piping techniques


Theory on Yeast Goods - Techniques, Classification, International Breads

18 Different varieties of International breads - Fermented, unfermented, enriched and flat breads


Theory on Pastry Goods - Shortcrust Pastry - Techniques, Methods, Principles of Shortcrust Pastry

3 varieties of shortcrust pastry dough, 5 different kinds of fillings. 4 Desserts tarts, 2 Savoury Pies and Garnishing


Theory on Pastry Goods - Choux Pastry - Techniques, Methods, Principles of Choux Pastry

3 varieties of choux products, classic French desserts with choux pastry


Theory on Pastry Goods - Laminated Pastry - Techniques, Methods, Principles of Lamination

7 Varieties of Puff Pastry products, 5 Yeast-based Laminated dough products, classic French desserts


Petit Fours, Meringues


Theory on Desserts - Different cooking methods, Techniques, Garnishing and Plating

10 Varieties of desserts using different cooking methods - Baking, Steaming, Poaching, Deep fat Frying, Boiling



12 Varieties of desserts using different cooking methods - Using a Bain Marie, chilling, churning, freezing , using setting agents, glazing, garnishes and plating

4 Varieties of Sponges, Torting and finishing a gateaux, 4 varieties of Gateaux, piping techniques, garnishing


Workplace and Personal Health and Safety Procedures


Tempering, 8 varieties of chocolates, 3 candies, chocolate garnish


Basic Fondant Cake decoration techniques


Cookies, Cakes and Sponges and Bread




Overall Mock Final Papers


Overall Mock Practical Assessment


Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking - Patisserie (International)

For Indian Nationals: Rs. 2,85,000 INR* + GST (fee includes uniform and study material)

*Fees are subjected to change. Kindly contact the office for more details.

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