Introductory Class
Introductory Class
Introductory Class
Introductory Class
Shortcrust Pastry
Introductory Class
Choux Pastry
Introductory Class
Laminated Pastry
High Tea
Introductory Class
Hot Desserts
Cold and Frozen Desserts, Plated Desserts
Sponges and Gateaux

Equipment Identification and Raw Materials

This course covers chopping vegetables; dry heat cooking methods - baking, grilling, steaming, roasting; moist heat cooking methods - stewing, boiling, frying, barbequing, basting

Theory on Cakes and Sponges - Techniques, Methods, Classification

Cupcakes - 2 Varieties, Muffins - 2 Varieties, Loaf cakes - 3 Varieties, piping techniques

Theory on Yeast Goods - Techniques, Classification, International Breads

18 Different varieties of International breads - Fermented, unfermented, enriched and flat breads

Theory on Pastry Goods - Shortcrust Pastry - Techniques, Methods, Principles of Shortcrust Pastry

3 varieties of shortcrust pastry dough, 5 different kinds of fillings. 4 Desserts tarts, 2 Savoury Pies and Garnishing

Theory on Pastry Goods - Choux Pastry - Techniques, Methods, Principles of Choux Pastry

3 varieties of choux products, classic French desserts with choux pastry

Theory on Pastry Goods - Laminated Pastry - Techniques, Methods, Principles of Lamination

7 Varieties of Puff Pastry products, 5 Yeast-based Laminated dough products, classic French desserts

Petit Fours, Meringues

Theory on Desserts - Different cooking methods, Techniques, Garnishing and Plating

10 Varieties of desserts using different cooking methods - Baking, Steaming, Poaching, Deep fat Frying, Boiling

12 Varieties of desserts using different cooking methods - Using a Bain Marie, chilling, churning, freezing , using setting agents, glazing, garnishes and plating

4 Varieties of Sponges, Torting and finishing a gateaux, 4 varieties of Gateaux, piping techniques, garnishing

Food Hygiene and Safety at Work

Workplace and Personal Health and Safety Procedures

Theory & Practical Assesment

Overall Mock Final Paper & Practical Assessment


Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking - Culinary Arts (International)

For Indian Nationals: Rs. 2,85,000 INR* + GST (fee includes uniform and study material)

*Fees are subjected to change. Kindly contact the office for more details.


An international curriculum designed to train students to become professional chefs. The program is designed to suit the needs of all, from students wanting to start a professional career as a pastry chef in the industry to entrepreneurs looking at starting their own bakery businesses.


The institute offers an unmatched chef to student ratio of 1:10 for the Diploma in Patisserie ensuring dedicated faculty attention to each student.


The pastry course at the Bangalore Culinary Academy imparts comprehensive training in baking and pastry art with hands on training. The Bangalore Culinary Academy offers students state of the art infrastructure with commercial standard equipment,ensuring that the program leaves themequipped with the necessary skills to get them industry ready and confidant to take on roles in professional pastry kitchens and star hotels.


While at the school, students learn a wide range of products and techniques in baking and pastry art, with in depth knowledge in theory that explains the how and why of baking science and pastry art. The course covers working knowledge of all products from cookies, tea cakes, bread, viennoiserie, pastry products, desserts and French pastry, chocolate and sugar.


The Bangalore Culinary Academyis an international school of pastry and is affiliated with the prestigious City and Guilds, London and also offers Chef de Partie and Commis Chef certifications from the renowned World Association of Chefs Society (WACS)


Students at the Bangalore Culinary Academy can complete pastry internships in India and abroad at prestigious hotels and establishments and are also assisted with placements on completion of their diploma program.